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live streaming

During the current COVID-19 crisis it has been difficult for industry to carry on it's normal everyday functions, especially face to face meetings.


At Euro Presentations we offer a range of solutions tailored to meet the needs of all types of events. Your business can still strategise and undertake key business decisions, whilst keeping safe by utilising the wide variety of services on the market.

Fill out this PDF questionnaire and send it to us to get an accurate quote based on your needs.

Below is a rundown on our range of services. Let's get meetings kick started again.


simple streaming solutions

There are a whole host of web based platforms designed to allow groups meet remotely from a place of the delegates choosing.

We are experts in the use of all these platforms and can embed these into any size of meeting using the right technology.

With distancing a requirement for the foreseeable future. We can set up meetings so that all delegates can be fully seen and heard in all locations.

The ability to share content is a key feature of this technology and using our streaming devices we can optimise the audio and video feeds to send out to the remote sites.

We use all the main apps.

  • Zoom

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Webex

  • StarLeaf 

  • And Many More

So wherever you choose to hold your meeting. You are in safe hands.

large scale streaming solutions

We offer a range of services designed to reach a larger audience on a variety of platforms.

We can Live Stream from our Studio, or a place of your choosing, using our very own web based platform that has a host of features to help get your message to a mass audience.

Our service offers the following functionality.

  • Reach up to 1000 people.

  • Multi view technology to show content and presenters together.

  • Full compatibility with apps such as and Zoom.

  • A hosted and branded secure platform for your target audience only.

  • Alternatively, the stream can be embedded into your very own website.

  • Full metrics post event to help you identify which content was most popular with your audience, helping you shape future meetings.

We can also Live Stream to much larger audiences via YouTube Live or Vimeo. The choice is yours.

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